Start A New Meetup

What is Support Squared?

Support Squared is a community of people who are obsessed about customers – customer support pros, founders and essentially anyone that works with customers. We meet once a month in various cities to talk about customer support and customer success.

Few people really understand what we do in support. Through Support Squared meetups, we provide you with a platform to share your support stories, challenges, and successes. As Dave from Buffer said, “It’s such a good feeling to have a really open conversation about your work with people that get what you do!”

Why Support Squared?

You might ask: why host your meetup under the name of Support Squared?

As organizers ourselves, we understand the difficulties in starting a meetup, especially in finding people to attend the event. Hence, we want to help you solve that problem.

We provide a global community which helps you with promoting your meetup (which means MORE fun support people to talk to). We want to support you while you support the support people!

AND we’re making t-shirts 😉


If you think there’s interest in your city, send an email to for more information.